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Milagres: Violent Light CD + Chapbook + Pin

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• FREE Milagres Violent Light 1.25" Pin
• Milagres Violent Light CD
• Milagres Violent Light Chapbook

Get an instant download of Milagres' "Violent Light" album in 320kbps MP3 form when you purchase this bundle.

Chapbook Details
Each cover on the chapbook will be an exclusive drawing made by the band in the surrealist style, where one person starts a drawing and then, only revealing part of what they drew, the next band member continues it. The surrealists used this method to try to harness the collective unconscious.

CD Track Listing:
01. Perrenial Bulb
02. Terrifying Sea
03. Jeweled Cave
04. The Black Table
05. Column Of Streetlight
06. The Letterbomb
07. Urban Eunuchs
08. Idnyl
09. Sunburn
10. Another Light