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Sport Murphy: Magic Beans CD


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Track Listing:

1.Treat Me Like an Artist!
2.Poinaire Draiocht
3.Black River Falls
4.Home Is Far Away
5.By the Light
6.March of the Berrie Jigglers
7.I'm Bound
8.My Nemesis
9.Nothing in Wondering
10.Leslie's Coming Over
11.Saint Ives
12.Where the Soul Never Dies
13.Fadó, Fadó
14.The Small Planets
15.Cactus Boy
16.Haricots Magiques
17.Pulling Out of Rachel
18.Duds, the Cow of Human Kindness
19.More God
20.The Weeping Ico
21.Maybe, Maybe Not
22.Cabfare for the Comman Man/Lullabye
23....And I Didn't Vote for You
24.Secret Bonus Track
25.Top Secret Super Bonus Track [*]
26.Ultra Secret Mega Bonus Track [*]