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Various Artists: Jackson's Jukebox CD


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Track Listing:

1.Deerhoof - "Flower"
2.Comet Gain - "I Close My Eyes to Think of God"
3.Mocket - "Spot-For-Best-Vision"
4.Sleater-Kinney - "What If I Was Right?"
5.Replikants - "Xxenogenesis"
6.The Geraldine Fibbers - "Butch"
7.Frumpies - "Eunuch Nights"
8.C Average - "Dark Harbour / Green Mountain Airways / Illgagard Forever"
9.Tight Bro's From Way Back When - "Witchy Potion"
10.Unwound - "Mile Me Deaf"
11.Sport Murphy - "Slay and Eat"
12.The Hangovers - "Suspicion"
13.The Lies - "Wrong Kind of Flirt"
14.Danielle Howle - "From the Tops of Trees"
15.Deep Lust - "Mass Teens on the Run"
16.Peechees - "Other Ice Age"
17.Sean Na Na - "Princess and the Pony"
18.Long Hind Legs - "Arranged for Viewing"
19.Thrones - "Oracle (A Dream)"