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Various Artists: Mollie's Mix Sampler CD


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Track Listing:

1.Gravy Train!!!! - "Titties Bounce (demo version-previously unreleased)"
2.Stereo Total - "Kleptomane"
3.Owl & the Pussycat - "Blinds"
4.Jeff Hanson - "Just Like Me"
5.The Decemberists - "I Don't Mind"
6.The Bangs - "I Want More"
7.Sleater-Kinney - "Oh!"
8.Gossip - "777595577@!!! (previously unreleased)"
9.Deerhoof - "Panda Road"
10.Quix *O* Tic - "To This World I Must Give In"
11.Comet Gain - "Realistes"
12.Slumber Party - "Everyone Else I Know"
13.Sport Murphy - "Beatles, Stepping Off the Plane (previously unreleased)"
14.Carla Bozulich - "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain"
15.Mecca Normal - "What About the Boy?"
16.Unwound - "Demons Sing Love Songs"
17.The Lies - "Sight and Sound"
18.Men's Recovery Project - "Avoid Pregnancy During Alcohol (previously unreleased)"
19.Tight Bro's from Way Back When - "Bless Me"
20.C Average - "Starhok"
21.Deerhoof - "The Eyebright Bugler"