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Various Artists: Sur La Mer 5RC Samp-le-mer CD

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Track Listing:

1."Lynching Luncheon" - The Robot Ate Me
2."Pox: Austin, TX parking lot chopped and screwed remix" - Xiu Xiu
3."Fanfic" - Slim Moon and What Army
4."Nothing for Money" - No-Neck Blues Band
5."Old Shepard" - Amps for Christ
6."Running Thoughts" - Deerhoof
7."Madonna Approaches R&B Blonde Wreckages" - Hella
8."You Absorb my Vision" - The Planet
9."Remarkably Dirty Animals" - The Mae Shi
10."Castlevania 111-Boss Music, Willow-Village, Megaman 11-Bubble Man" - The Advantage
11."Chi-tan first guitar" - Deerhoof
12."Endless Sky in the Mind's Eye" - Need New Body
13."The Chapel" - Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice
14."We're the Shit, Pt. II" - The Punks
15."Shelldrum" - Metalux
16."One More Try" - Excepter
17."My List of Demands" - Barr