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Various Artists: The Sound The Hare Heard CD


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Track Listing:
1."When the Angels Lift Our Eyelids in the Morning" - Devin Davis
2."Cast a Hook in Me" - Laura Veirs
3."Adlai Stevenson" - Sufjan Stevens
4."Feet Asleep" - Thao Nguyen
5."Bones for Doctor Swah" - Wooden Wand
6."Dancers All" - Death Vessel
7."Why" - Essie Jane
8."Daylight" - Jeff Hanson
9."Other Voices" - Imaad Wasif
10."Where in the World Are You" - Great Lake Swimmers
11."Stargazers are Blind" - Owen McCarthy
12."The American War" - Simone White
13."Poor Little City Boy" - Nedelle
14."Dumbing Down" - Southerly
15."Lazy Little Ada" - Colin Meloy (The Decemberists)
16."The Sound You Warn" - Corrina Repp
17."Waves of Wonder" - The Moore Brothers
18."Best Friends Forever" - Aliccia BB
19."Kill My Love for You" - Danielle Howle
20."Another Song About the Darkness" - Lauren Hoffman
21."Honea" - Lovers