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Various Artists: Turbo's Tunes CD


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Track Listing:

1."Got All This Waitin" - Gossip
2."Into You" - The Bangs
3."Ballad of a Ladyman" - Sleater-Kinney
4."Bleeding Heart" - Two Ton Boa
5."Eisiger Wind" - Kleenex
6."Frumpies Forever" - Frumpies
7."Rain Down Rain" - Holly Golightly
8."The Trouble with Public Places" - Cadallaca
9."Any Other Day" - Slumber Party
10."Being Blind" - Lois Maffeo and Brendan Canty
11."In Your House" (previously unreleased) - Danielle Howle
12."Trying to Live" - Breakdowns
13."Lesson In Ride" - Bonfire Madigan
14."Root Smooth Sapling Whips" (previously unreleased) - Jean Smith
15."Mkultra" - Unwound
16."Hairshirt Fracture" - Jim Carroll
17."Autumn" - Mike 'Sport' Murphy
18."Untitled" - Sue P. Fox
19."Brand New Day" - Har Mar Superstar