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Various Artists: Fields And Streams 2xCD


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Track Listing:

Disc One:

1.Memo From The Desk Of The Quails - The Quails
2.Sex Object - Manda And The Marbles
3.Waste Of Time - The Coolies
4.Total Destruction - The Lost Sounds
5.Noon Under The Trees - The Rock-A-Teens
6.Industrial Skyline - Industrial Skyline
7.Pick Up You - Dada Swing
8.The Monster (Oh Qu'il Est Vilain) - Stereo Total
9.Caeser's Planet - Gene Defcon
10.Male-In-Communication - The Supreme Indifference
11.Blame The Glass Man - Mecca Normal
12....Leading The Weird - The Convocation Of
13.Blight Blues - Beehive And The Barracudas
14.Through The Swells - The Aislers Set
15.Look At You Now, You're Crying - Comet Gain
16.The Slip That Hides You - The Mona Reels
17.Lake Is A Time-Bomb - I'm Being Good
18.What Energy - Drillboxignition
19.Beautiful Fiction - Braille Stars
20.For The Win - The Reputation
21.Still No Sparks - Delta Dart

Disc Two:

1.That Girl - Tender Trap
2.New Stars - Bangs
3.Imbecile - Fifth Column
4.Ran Out - The Dishes
5.Hiding Behind The Moon - Jeff Hanson
6.Tiger In The Forest - Mary Timony
7.Modern Things - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
8.Dawn Of Understanding - The Long Goodbye
9.Missy - Red Monkey
10.Blue Boys - Carla Bozulich
11.Poseidon's Kiss - The Process
12.Leg. Night - Erase Errata
13.Love Potion's Poison - Love Life
14.Song Of Sorn - Deerhoof
15.Queen Majesty - Quasi
16.All The Evils Of This World - The Mooney Suzuki
17.Ode To The Go Cart - Dirt Bike Annie
18.17 - The Butchies
19.My Assassin - Lorelei
20.If It's Not Grounded Then It's Not Dead - Thoroughbred
21.I Don't Know Where I'm Going - Danielle Howle And The Tantrums
22.Tell Me Once More - Virginia North And Them Wranch
23.Knock Loud - Neko Case
24.Parcelain Throne - Two Ton Boa