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Various Artists: Otis' Opuses CD

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Track Listing:

1.The Old Haunts - "By the Bay"
2.Stereo Total - "Do the Bambi"
3.Jeff Hanson - "I Just Don't Believe You"
4.The Decemberists - "Everybody Knows"
5.Comet Gain - "One More Summer Before I Go"
6.Gossip - "Jealous Girls"
7.Numbers - "I'll Love You 'Til I Don't"
8.Wrangler Brutes - "Slam Dunk"
9.John Wilkes Booze - "Brer Soul"
10.The Makers - "Run With Me Tonight"
11.Harvey Danger - "Cream & Bastards Rise"
12.Nedelle and Thom - "Cute Things"
13.Stereo Total - "Bad News From the Stars"
14.Gold Chains and Sue Cie - "Crowd Control"
15.Gravy Train!!!! - "(Everybody do) the Thingy"
16.Shoplifting - "L.O.V.E."
17.Deerhoof - "Serious Star"
18.Delta 5 - "Now that You've Gone"
19.John Wilkes Booze - "Erasing Animals"
20.The Paper Chase - "Ready Willing Cain and Able"
21.Linda Perry - "Freeway"
22.Nedelle - "The Natural Light"