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Various Artists: Some Songs CD

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Track Listing:

1."Some Song" - Elliott Smith
2."Be Good" - Frumpies
3."Treefort" - Star Power
4."Grape Juice Plus" - Cupid Car Club
5."Hand Grenade" - Team Dresch
6."Band Circulation" - Witchy Poo
7."Four Letter Love" - Mukilteo Fairies
8."New Radio" - Bikini Kill
9."Elephantitus of the Night" - GodheadSilo
10."Please Quit Calling Me From Jail" - Blood on the Saddle
11."Hillary's Eyebrows" - Phranc
12."Grease" - Peechees
13."Young Savage" - Thrones
14."Firefly" - Heavens to Betsy
15."Hating in 'D'" - Unwound