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Various Artists: Tracks And Fields 2xCD


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Track Listing:

Disc One:
1."I'm Not Like That" - The Legend!
2."This Lush Life" - Antietem
3."Peace in Detroit" - His Name is Alive
4."Everyone Get Crushed" - Superchunk
5."Our Givest" - Bro. Danielson
6."Make Her Me" - Dos
7."Release the Robots" - Gas Huffer
8."We've Got Room in Outer Space" - John Wilkes Booze
9."Steve and Tiffanie" - The Capricorns
10."Eric's Song" - Cynthia Dall
11."Birds in the Sky" - Lovers
12."Clowne Town (Live)" - Xiu Xiu
13."Ghost Boobs (Live at Batwiddicals)" - Gravy Train!!!
14."Pink 14" - The Buff Medways (Wild Billy Childish and the friends of The Buff Medway Fanciers Association)
15."The Only One" - The Charades
16."TV Life" - The Wiretaps
17."Inside Out" - Brooke
18."Version Valley" - Young People
19."Amplifier" - Jucifer
20."Wake Me When I'm Over" - Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee
21."This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us" - The King Cobra
22."Search and Seizure" - Semiautomatic
23."R U Listenin" - Alaska!

Disc Two:
1."Hegemony Enemy (LIVE)" - Shoplifting
2."John the Barber" - Biography of Ferns
3."Bright Things" - Radio Berlin
4."Fantastic Success II" - Measels Mumps Rubella
5."Electronic Boots Remix: Brown Rice vs Young Soul Rebels Sound System" - Slumber Party
6."Walking Backwards" - Sleetmute Nightmute
7."Ggaannkk" - Need New Body
8."Industrial Noise Blues" - Male Slut
9."I'm Your Doctor Now" - The Paper Chase
10."Poughkeepsi (demo)" - Devendra Banhart
11."Icebound Stream" - Laura Veirs
12."The 'In the Lake'" - Thanksgiving
13."Begin to Breathe" - Nedelle
14."Rockaway Beach" - Sahara Hotnights
15."Oh Johnny" - Sweet Heat
16."Stalwart (Main Title)" - C Average
17."Golden Cloud (Acoustic)" - Dead Meadow
18."Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right" - The Decemberists