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Xiu Xiu: Remixed & Covered 2xCD


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Track Listing:

Disc One:

1.Mousey Toy - Larsen
2.Saturn - Oxbow
3.Apistat Commander - Sunset Rubdown
4.Clowne Towne - Marissa Nadler
5.Sad Pony Guerilla Girl - Good For Cows
6.Fabulous Muscles - Kid 606
7.The Wig Master - Why?
8.I Luv the Vally OH! - Her Space Holiday
9.Support Our Troops - Devendra Banhart

Disc Two:

1.Hello from Eau Claire - (remixed by Gold Chains)
2.Ceremony - (remixed by Xiu Xiu)
3.Sahu - (remixed by Warbucks)
4.Ale - (remixed by Cherry Point)
5.Over Over - (remixed by Son)
6.Buzz Saw - (remixed by This Song Is A Mess But So Am I)
7.Bishop, CA - (remixed by Kid 606)
8.Tonite & Today - (remixed by Grouper)
9.The Airforce - (remixed by To Live and Shave In L.A.)