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Heavens To Betsy: Calculated Limited Edition Vinyl LP

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We are excited to announce that Heavens To Betsy's classic album Calculated is back on vinyl for the first time in over 10 years! One of the classic KRS bands, Heavens To Betsy was Corin Tucker (later of KRS bands Sleater-Kinney, Cadallaca, and The Corin Tucker Band) on guitar and vocals and Tracy Sawyer (later of KRS band The Lies) on drums, bass, and vocals.

Track Listing:

01. Nothing Can Stop Me
02. Decide
03. Stay Away
04. Calculated
05. Waitress Hell
06. Intermission 247
07. Axemen
08. Donating My Body To Science
09. Terrorist
10. Complicated
11. White Girl
12. Paralyzed

Praise for Calculated...
"Calculated should be included as essential listening for all fans of riot grrrl. 4 1/2 stars" - All Music Guide

"...the clincher is the noise she and her guitar make along with bassist-drummer Tracy Sawyer--controlled, fierce, a deliberate, powerful punk derivative that's built for discomfort, not for speed. A-" Robert Christgau Consumer Guide

"Heavens to Betsy's recordings fight toward expression; Tucker's boiling-kettle voice turns each syllable into a struggle between strength and vulnerability." - SF Weekly

"Heavens to Betsy were one of the revelations that the DIY ethic makes possible: the utterly distinctive, commanding sound of people convinced they have a noise worth making, and seizing a bit of ground to make it." - Boston Phoenix