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Various Artists: Rock Stars Kill Vinyl LP + 7


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Track Listing:

LP Side A:

1.Tourettes - Horse Girl
2.Cupid Car Club - M.P. Skulkers
3.Starpower - Megablot
4.Boredoms - Pukulee & Rikulee
5.Helium - Puffin Stars
6.The Spinanes - Stupid Crazy
7.Team Dresch - Seven
8.Mukilteo Fairies - We Are Not Your Entertainers

LP Side B:

1.Severed Lathargy - Rev
2.Rancid - Brixton
3.Free Kitten - Feed The Tree
4.Universal Order of Armageddon - Painfully Obvious
5.The Peechees - Patty Coahuila
6.Starpimp - Roche Limit
7.Pell Mell - Don the Beachcomber
8.Smog - 37 Pushups
9.Kathleen Hanna - I Wish I Was Him (For Evan Dando)

7" Side C:

1.Star Sign Scorpio - Eskinaut
2.The Hattifatteners - North Pole
3.Grouse Mountain Skyride - Pretty Polly

7" Side D:

1.God Is My Co-Pilot - Americanally Corrct
2.Fifth Column - Detox Killer (Erotic Thriller)
3.Fleabag - Pusdog